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Latest 4,223 jobs in Saudi Arabia. 4900$ monthly salary.
  • Developer Sharepoint, Developer Sharepoint

    Wipro Limited - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Mandatory Skills: SharePoint 2010 Desirable Skills: JavaScript, C# - CSharp-Programming : Key skills required for the job are: SharePoint 2010 (Mandatory) C# - CSharp-Programming JavaScript As a Senior Developer, you are responsible for development, support, maintenance and implementation of a complex project module. You should have good experience in application of standard software development principles. You should be able to work as an independent team member, capable of applying judgment to plan and execute your tasks. You should have in-depth knowledge of at least one development technology/ programming language. You should be able to respond to technical queries / requests from team members and customers. You should be able to coach, guide and mentor junior members in the team. Minimum work experience:3 - 5 Years Proficiency in English Language is Desirable Roles & Responsibilities: Minimum Experience Required: 3-5 YEARS Mandatory Skills: SharePoint 2010 SharePoint, Office 365 - SharePoint Online, SQL Server, C# - CSharp-Programming, MOSS 2007, ASP.NET Desirable Skills: JavaScript, C# - CSharp-Programming Language Skills: English Language - 21 minutes ago - 3-5 years of experience

  • DCS/CSP IT Engineer | 3 months | Riyadh, Saudi | DCS, CSP, SEP, SMG, Symantec

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    DCS/CSP IT Engineer 3 months Riyadh, Saudi DCS, CSP, SEP, SMG, Symantec Square One are on the lookout for an experienced IT Security consultant for a 3 month initial contract working with one of our major clients. The Successful candidate will have excellent experience working with the Symantec Data Center Security and will ideally have knowledge working with Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec Messaging Gateway: - Symantec Data Center Security (DCS/CSP) - Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) - Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) If you are interested, please give Ben Wrigley a call on 00442076655812 and forward your CV in confidence. DCS/CSP IT Engineer 3 months Riyadh, Saudi DCS, CSP, SEP, SMG, Symantec - 32 minutes ago

  • Co-worker Care Center Business Partner IKEA 15 minutes ago Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Purpose of the Job: To position IKEA as the “Retail Employer of Choice”. Assignments : Execute values based and customer focused candidate behavioral selection process which is integrated into the overall interview process. Execute onboarding orientation program for stores & service units. Execute, and maintain the Buddy program to provide an engaging learning opportunity on the job for our new coworkers. Work closely with Human Resources, and leaders leading others to ensure that we are closely connected so that a new hired co-worker receives consistent basic job knowledge feedback. Execute the follow-up process by securing and reporting the individual development plan on a 60-day cycle. Give input and feedback on programs, processes, and policy changes based on co-worker inputs, experiences, and business results from audits, KPIs and changes in the market. Contribute to an annual co-worker engagement strategy that is connected to the commercial calendar. Execute and follow-up co-worker engagement activities for both co-worker and customer experience impact. Contribute and execute the annual Co-worker Care Center work cycle that will give structure to all the related activities during the year. Actively seek, promote, and execute WOW moments and opportunities throughout the store to support the IKEA offer, and interactions with co-workers. Play an active role to ensure VOICE is rolled out, understood, and a high level of participation is accomplished. Use VOICE and any other coworker’s satisfaction tools to measure my success . Contribute to a secure transparent grievance process that is confidential, yet transparent as possible. Play an active role to create and maintain an environment of trust by encouraging open, constructive, honest, two-way feedback with my team and other colleagues. Play an active role to execute the People business plan and ensure alignment with department activities and the business plan. Bachelor’s Degree or 3+ years worked as a Specialist or Manager in IKEA or similar fast paced, diverse retail or service environment. Proven ability to prioritize and organize own work to make efficient use of time available. Training facilitator and interviewing experience. Ability to communicate effectively using different tools. Analytical, organization, problem-solving, and follow through skills. Ability to lead change and influence others. English and Arabic language skills, both spoken and written. Excellent skills in time management, MS EXCEL, WORD, Powerpoint, Outlook. Passion for people. - 32 minutes ago

  • Procurement Officer (only Saudi women)

    Tonofa for Recruitment and HR Consultant - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Feedback Working. Saudi Arabia Jordan UAE Qatar Egypt Kuwait Lebanon Bahrain China Palestine Oman Syria The Middle East Employers Sign Up Log in عربي Jobs Jobs in Saudi Arabia Jobs in Jordan Jobs in UAE Jobs in Qatar Jobs in Egypt Jobs in Kuwait Jobs in Lebanon Jobs in Bahrain Jobs in China Jobs in Palestine Jobs in Oman Jobs in Syria Jobs in The Middle East Resources Events Calendar Akhtaboot Cares Initiative Akhtaboot Job Fair Akhtaboot Job Fair for People Living with Disabilities Blog Switch to old Akhtaboot Saudi Arabia Jordan UAE Qatar Egypt Kuwait Lebanon Bahrain China Palestine Oman Syria The Middle East Employers Sign Up Log in عربي Homepage Jobs in Saudi Arabia Jobs in Riyadh Procurement Officer (only Saudi women) Company: Saudi Railway Company Industry: Other : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Career Level: Recent Graduate Date Posted: Ref. Number: 63278 Communities: Sales & Customer Relations Years of Experience 0 - 2 You must first log in before applying to jobs. Procurement Officer (only Saudi women) Apply Now and Requirements Review approved (PR) Purchase requisition Issue and communicate RFQ to supplier Analyse quotation, negotiate PO terms & conditions Issue (PO) Purchase order and distribute to supplier Following up with supplier for delivery & Payment. Any other related activity needed for business Ensuring compliance with company policy & procedure. QUALIFICATIONS Diploma or bachelor degree in field of Supply chain, Business administration or finance. EXPERIENCE Fresh graduate or 2 years of experience. COMPETENCIES (technical, behavioural): Technical (level of competency): Purchase order execution in manner time, Negotiation with supplier. Behavioural (level of competency) : Team work, reporting skills, presentation skills, working under pressure. Apply Now Report Abuse Job Openings in Saudi Railway Company Budgeting Specialist (only saudi women) (Saudi Arabia) - HR Development Supervisor (only Saudi women) (Saudi Arabia) - Procurement Officer (only Saudi women) (Saudi Arabia) Similar Jobs Retail Sales Consultants (UAE) - ERP and Business Applications head: (Jordan) - رئيس قسم مبيعات الجملة (Jordan) - 32 minutes ago - 2 years of experience

  • مسئول مشتريات

    Dammam, Saudi Arabia

    التقديم مفتوح نسخة للطباعة إسم الجهة: LM Designs مسمى الوظيفة الشاغرة: مسئول مشتريات مجال العمل: أخرى [ عرض كل الوظائف في هذا التصنيف ] مكان الوظيفة: الدمام - المنطقة الشرقية تاريخ الإضافة: المهام والوصف الوظيفي: - منسق المشتريات يقوم بتجميع المعلومات والسجلات لوضع أوامر الشراء , لشراء المواد والخدمات. - تقديم الوثائق المناسبة لكل استلام. - مراقبة جميع الأنشطة ذات الصلة في شرائها. - البحث عن منتجات جديدة وفقا لمتطلبات السوق أو حسب الطلب الداخ- لي. - إدارة التوجيه والتنسيق وتقييم المشتريات للمرفق. - تنفيذ استراتيجيات الشراء للحفاظ على أمن الإمدادات والقيمة المثلى مقابل المال. - تطوير العلاقة الأساسية مع أصحاب المصلحة التجارية والشركاء العرض الاستراتيجي لتحسين الأعمال. - تنفيذ التغييرات وتطوير عملية جديدة لشراء أفضل السلع والخدمات. - تحديد فرص خفض التكاليف لتحقيق الأهداف المالية. - تحليل اتجاهات السوق والتسليم وذلك لتطوير تقنيات وعملية الشراء من دعم تلك الاتجاهات. - مراجعة السلوك تجارية مع أصحاب المصلحة الرئيسيين لتقييم المخاطر ومراجعة الاستراتيجيات المستقبلية وتحديد التكلفة المحتملة لأسفل وفرص التحسين. - مراجعة العملية الحالية لشراء وتقديم التوصيات عند الاقتضاء. - تقديم تقارير دورية للإدارة على الشراء والضوابط والعملية. الشروط والمهارات: سمة القيادة مهارات التفاوض التعامل مع الآخرين مهارات التنظيم حل المشاكل دبلوم أو بكالوريوس في إدارة الأعمال إدارة سلسلة التوريد والتجارة المهارات تحليلية القدرة على تحمل الإجهاد وإدارة الوقت مهارات التواصل اللغات المطلوبة للوظيفة: الإنجليزية-جيد نوع الوظيفة: دوام كامل نطاق الراتب: 4000-5000 ريال سعودي المتطلبات الأساسية الجنس: رجال الحد الأدنى لمستوى التعليم: دبلوم سنتين فأكثر الحد الأدنى لمستوى الخبرة: مستوى مبتدئ (خبرة اقل من سنة إلى 3 سنوات) فئة الجنسية: للسعوديين فقط بيانات الإتصال رسالة طلب التقديم: يجب الدخول للتقدم للوظيفة ، الرجاء تسجيل الدخول في الحقل المجاور اذا كنت مسجلاً ، أو إضغط هنا لتسجيل حساب جديد. . البريد الإلكتروني . كلمة السر إرسل هذه الوظيفة إلى صديق وضع الوظيفة في المفضلة - 41 minutes ago

  • فني ميكانيكا

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    التقديم مفتوح نسخة للطباعة إسم الجهة: شركة حلول الموارد مسمى الوظيفة الشاغرة: فني ميكانيكا مجال العمل: الوظائف الفنية - ميكانيكا [ عرض كل الوظائف في هذا التصنيف ] مكان الوظيفة: الخرج - منطقة الرياض تاريخ الإضافة: المهام والوصف الوظيفي: - مطلوب موظفين سعوديين للعمل في احد الشركات في منطقة الخرج بوظيفة (فني ميكانيكي) - ايام العمل من الاحد الى الخميس 8 ساعات صباحيه / الجمعه والسبت اجازه الشروط والمهارات: دبلوم فأكثر ميكانيكا شرط ان يكون لديه خبرة في مجال الميكانيكا في احد الورش العمر 20- 40 سنة الرغبة الجادة في التطوير واكتساب المهارات متفرغ للعمل القدرة على تحمل ضغط العمل نوع الوظيفة: دوام كامل نطاق الراتب: 6,000 ريال سعودي بدلات ومزايا أخرى: - مكافأه شهريه - تأمين طبي - التسجيل في التأمينات الاجتماعية - اجازه سنويه شهر مدفوعة الراتب المتطلبات الأساسية الجنس: رجال الحد الأدنى لمستوى التعليم: دبلوم سنتين فأكثر الحد الأدنى لمستوى الخبرة: مستوى مبتدئ (خبرة اقل من سنة إلى 3 سنوات) فئة الجنسية: للسعوديين فقط بيانات الإتصال رسالة طلب التقديم: يجب الدخول للتقدم للوظيفة ، الرجاء تسجيل الدخول في الحقل المجاور اذا كنت مسجلاً ، أو إضغط هنا لتسجيل حساب جديد. . البريد الإلكتروني . كلمة السر إرسل هذه الوظيفة إلى صديق وضع الوظيفة في المفضلة - 41 minutes ago

  • HR Development Supervisor (only Saudi women)

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    HR Development Supervisor (only Saudi women) Apply Now and Requirements Organization Design – working as a senior consultant with business leaders to develop their organization structure, maintain it, and be able to develop function statements and s Change management -- working with departments, committees and other groups to help them plan and implement significant changes in their organizations such as work reorganization or moves and space changes. Deliver formal and informal communication and sessions to enforce change in the organization Asses the needs for change and develop and execute culture changes initiatives Project management - Manages HR projects internally and with external consultants Fully aware of HR consulting industry and firms, and able to evaluate their proposals and comfortably dealing with consultants Succession and Career management – Manages SAR succession and career mgmt. Activities, i.e. working with managers and successors to develop, and facilitate SAR’s succession mgmt. program Compensation and Benefits – Understand and assess the current state of SAR’s grading structure and salary scale, and suggest and implement enhancements. Work with external consultants to supply any required work for C&B area Develop promotion guidelines, and manage its implementation Talent Management – Workforce planning : Acts as business partner to SAR managers to assess their department's workforce requirements and develop annual plans. Performance Management : Assess SAR’s current performance mgmt. system and design/develop and implement enhancements, to make it a more efficient process Manage the performance mgmt. annual cycle Learning and Development – Work with managers to assess the needs for development, at all employees levels, for technical, functional, and managerial development Be familiar with assessment tools to support Talent mgmt. activities Competence Modelling – Develops SAR competence model system (CMS) Manage External consultant HR Policies and Procedures – Develops HR policies and procedures to make it more business driven oriented Participate in specific HR projects as part of the HR role. Assist in creating corporate, culture and staff awareness of the broader, strategic HR agenda in the Company; work with the HR in establishing the way in which new innovations in HR management should be implemented, etc. QUALIFICATIONS Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Human Resources or something similar Proficiency in MS Office EXPERIENCE : Minimum 10 years of experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development area, preferably consultancy background COMPETENCIES: Strong communication skills, business acumen, analytical skills, strategic thinking, collaboration, flexibility, change and project mgmt. Proactive and productive attitude, comfortably work within a team, consultative ability and mind-set. Apply Now Report Abuse Job Openings in Saudi Railway Company Budgeting Specialist (only saudi women) (Saudi Arabia) - HR Development Supervisor (only Saudi women) (Saudi Arabia) - Procurement Officer (only Saudi women) (Saudi Arabia) Similar Jobs HR Supervisor (Jordan) - Training &Development Specialist (Jordan) - Receptionist (UAE) - 42 minutes ago - 10 years of experience

  • Estimation Engineer Mechanical

    Dammam, Saudi Arabia

    Estimation Engineer Mechanical Apply Now and Requirements Job Requirements: Study the scope of work & tender document and prepare the tender review sheet then prepare/review the basic design, create the estimation BOQ and link it with client BOQ. Arranging for and attending site visits. prepare detailed visit report and attending clarification meetings with client. Prepare & Send out RFQ for (materials, vendors & subcontractors), follow-up, prepare technical evaluation sheet, send & acquire responses and compliance sheets to prepare quotation comparison sheet Advise the best quotation on the basis of the technical proposals submitted, compliance to scope of work and delivery period of long lead items. • Study the tender drawings i.e.”P&ID’s , PFD’s, plans , layouts.etc” /bulletins/clarification responses from client and reflect the same to suppliers/vendors/subcontractors to get the offers as per final & revised information from client. • Review client's responses, terms & conditions and suppliers/ subcontractors offers then prepare the qualifications/ exceptions/ deviations and other issues which could affect the prices or project duration. • Prepare the tender cost estimation, such as man-hour estimates, materials, construction equipment. . etc considering the location and duration of the project. • Calculate the direct cost for each item by analyzing the item to its basics (Material, Equipment & Manpower) all conforming with the project specifications & ensure pricing inputs are supported by adequate Basis of Estimate and Bill of Quantities. • Calculate/assist in the calculation of other costs (Engineering, supervision, management, site & camp facilities, transportation, clearance, taxes, insurances, permits, license . etc). • Participate in Cost Variance analysis and invoices. • Participate in the preparation of the tender schedule, manpower histogram I S-Curve, equipment schedule, organization chart with accompanying CVs of proposed qualified personnel. • Participate and coordinate with estimation team to updates tender Register which shall include tender internal ref, title, closing date, bond, submitted value, validity, technical and commercial clarifications if any, award status, etc. • Prepare Project Execution Plan/Method statements by providing draft proposal data to milestone and participate in milestone schedule preparation. • After sending technical or/and commercial and during the course of technical and commercial evaluation by the Client, prepare the reply to the clarification requests issued by the Client regarding the submitted tender and attend post clarification meeting. Additional Requirements: Experience level should be from 4 to 6 years. Estimation for civil works will be advantage. Experience for pipeline projects is must. Experience in Saudi Arabia Market with Sabic and Saudi Aramco minimum 3 years is must. English oral and written communications should be very good. Organized with very good communication skills is must. Preferred Nationality : (Indian then Egyptian or Arabic). Joining Date: (As Soon As Possible, available candidate with local transfer would be better). Apply Now Report Abuse Job Openings in GAS Arabian Services Company Limited Estimation Engineer Mechanical (Saudi Arabia) Similar Jobs Electrical Maintenance Engineer/Technician (Saudi Arabia) - Supply Planner (3 yrs.) (Saudi Arabia) - مهندس مبيعات (Saudi Arabia) - 42 minutes ago

  • Strategy Consultant- BOT role based in Saudi Arabia (Saudi Nationals only)

    Saudi Arabia

    The Role A boutique Strategy management consulting firm is looking to recruit Senior consultants and Managers for a BOT (build, operate, transfer) role, based in Saudi Arabia. The role requires the candidates to work for the management consulting firm for around 8-10 months and transfer to the client side along with the project. Responsibilities: • Conducts quantitative and qualitative analyses • Handles challenging situations and seeks solutions that address client’s issues • Demonstrates expertise in financial modeling, valuation analysis, operational strategy plans • Advisory level consulting within the central government • Delivering presentations • Planning and managing the delivery of quality work by leading teams in a strategic consulting environment and be seen as a strong leader with excellent communication and client handling skills Requirements Requirements: • MBA, or Masters’ Degree from a top academic institution • Public Sector Consulting Experience in the region is a MUST • PHD is a Plus • Minimum 5 - 9 years relevant experience to the Public Sector industry (consulting) work showing progressive promotion, and outstanding academic achievement • Strong intellectual & analytical skills, ability to work in a team environment • Strong English communication skills. • Possession of excellent oral and written communication skills, with the ability to interact effectively with all levels of management • Candidates from tier 1 or 2 strategy firms OR Big4 with a focus on Public Sector will be considered for the post. • Proven experience in managing, inspiring, mentoring aspiring consultants. About the Company New Sourcing International (NSI) / Bluefin Talent have partnered so to offer a specialized recruitment solution within the Consulting and Financial services domains. Working together as a specialist search and selection agency, we concentrate on blue chip financial services and strategy / technology consulting organizations across Europe and the Middle East; focusing exclusively on Financial Services, IT and Risk. Being niche allows us to offer a premium search service, tailored to overcome the technically challenging nature of recruitment for the specialist functions that we work. We are dedicated to representing best of breed candidates in the region in our dedicated fields of employment. As such we are a leading outfit for placing ex-pats and internationally educated students in the region. Our biggest unique selling point, is that we are steered by a dedicated team of ex-financial services and industry professionals. This allows us to offer a level of candidate pre-screening for roles, which is largely anomalous to the recruitment profession. Our ability to bridge the technical knowledge gap typical recruiters encounter, coupled with a thorough delivery process allows us to drive consistently superior results for our clients sourcing requirements. Designed to provide a fast and efficient turnaround, we minimize the use of internal resources our clients spend vetting inadequate profiles, allowing them to quickly get back to focusing on their strategic goals. Our strength lies not only in the specialist nature of our firm, but also in the commitment we show towards our clients and candidates. We endeavour to build long-term relationships and recognise the crucial nature of communication throughout the recruitment process. Excellence, integrity, respect and transparency are cornerstone to the culture we promote. Apply Now Personalised updates on latest career opportunities Insights on hiring and employment activity in your industry Typically sent twice a month Thank you for your Feedback. Something went wrong. Please try again. - 43 minutes ago

  • HR Executive

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    The Role A client in the Hospitality industry is looking for a Human Resources Executive. The role is based in Riyadh. The company is based in Dubai and is opening a sister company in Riyadh. The hire is immediate, the company is set to open in May. Salary is set at SR 10,000 non-negotiable. Requirements Candidate must have deep understanding of Saudi labor laws and regulations. Candidate must have minimum 3 years of related work experience. Candidate must be a native Arabic speaker. Candidate must be based in Riyadh. About the Company Frontier IQ is a specialist firm headquartered in Dubai whose mission is to optimize our client\\'s talent through Executive Search and Training. We specialize in sourcing professionals in Financial Services, Marketing, Advertising, and Media from around the world for leading employers in MENA region. Apply Now Personalised updates on latest career opportunities Insights on hiring and employment activity in your industry Typically sent twice a month Thank you for your Feedback. Something went wrong. Please try again. - 43 minutes ago

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