About scam employers
If you have found this page in Google, please do not pay any fees!
Report scam or ask for employer’s verification (If you found an employer in the list below (click Ctrl+F), this is 100% scam. No need to report it).
Never send money to employers or consultancies, especially via MoneyGram or Western Union. Never pay visa fees, insurance fees, transportation fees, logistics fees, etc. Never send your financial information to employers. Never send money to the employers even if the job offer seems very attractive and the fees relatively low compared to the salary being offered.

Although job boards feature postings from real employers, occasionally you may run into a scammer.

We constantly check employers for scam and block scam employers. However, it is impossible to cover all types of scam.

Keep in mind that job boards may include fake employers of many kinds. Scammers may ask you to pay for your travel, visa fee, or salary for the first two months of work.

If you've applied for a vacancy in Dubai and received a job offer from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc., this is definitely scam. All job offers related to these countries are scams. Here is a typical scenario: “We have finished hiring employees in Dubai, but now we are hiring employees in the USA.”

Pay close attention to the sender’s address. Scammers tend to use gmail.com and yahoo.com. Many would choose an address like yahoo.ca to trick the candidate into believing that the company is located in Canada.

Other scammers register domain names that resemble the domains of the existing companies, for example:

As you can see above, the domain is missing a letter.

Scammers like to post fake offers about hotels. Be extra cautious when receiving a job offer from hotels or other organizations dealing with hospitality.

Also be sure to pay attention to the formatting of text and spelling or grammar errors.

And always remember that if a job offer looks too good to be true, it’s most likely a scam.